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Mike Mikolajczyk, CSCS, PN1


Hi there! My name is Mike and I am a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist as well as a Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach! I graduated from The University of Arizona and Majored in Public Health and Minored in Physiology. While in Tucson, I was the lead exercise specialist at the #1 sports physical therapy clinic in Tucson for 3 years before I went off on my own! 

Born and raised in Arizona playing baseball and played a little into college until I started focusing on endurance sports like marathons and triathlons. 

I love training and helping people become the best versions of themselves through proper exercise & nutrition. My goal with every session is to get my client closer to their goal and show them how they can combine activity and the right nutrition to get them feeling their best!

Book with me by clicking "Book Mike Mikolajczyk"

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